September 17th 2019 | Central London

Louise Hutchinson, Director, PATROL

Louise Hutchinson, Director, PATROL Local Govt ICT

Louise Hutchinson has been director of PATROL since 2006. PATROL represents 310 local authorities in England (outside Wales) making provision for independent adjudication for appeals against enforcement penalties through the Traffic Penalty Tribunal (TPT). TPT is a compact, impartial and independent body comprising thirty remote-working lawyers and their support team which handles 20,000 appeals annually for penalties for parking, bus lane, moving traffic and road user charging.

PATROL invested in TPT to develop a cloud-based stand-alone digital appeal system - Fast Online Appeal Management (FOAM).  Available since March 2016, FOAM is now being used by 311 local authorities, transforming the appeals process and user experience and attracting awards for PATROL and TPT – North of England Transport Awards Excellence in Technology Category Winner in 2016, Intelligent Parking Award winner (British Parking Awards 2017) and shortlisted for the 2017 National Transport Awards Excellence in Technology Category and for the 2017 SOCTIM Innovative Collaboration Award.